Promote the knowledge of the rural environment and naturalistic aspects


Our company is an aid to those aims:

  • A pleasant ride in the country with sensory experiences, emotional, manuals, games, interactive moments through individual and group in close contact with nature, plants and animals.
  • To establish a sensory (direct contact) with the animals interacting and playing with them in maximum safety and freedom.
  • To promote the knowledge of the rural environment and natural features.
  • To be involved with direct experience in agricultural practices correct “organic” farming and according to the rules of animal welfare.
  • To promote among guests, adults and children, conscious behavior: observe the plants, animals and their habitat.
  • To provide all those reasons aimed at stimulating environmental awareness and animal welfare.

The company engages in the “Farm School” offering:

  • laboratory to learn about farm animals, also educational concepts on the behavior, morphology, feeding of the most common animals (laboratory eggs).
  • Laboratory to learn about the river and its environment
  • Laboratory to learn about the world of bees.
  • Laboratory to know the world of bats.
  • Laboratory to learn about farming (how to make the garden).
  • Food and Life, “healthy foods from agricultural practices correct” the food chain from farm to table, interactive theater. (food laboratory, we make the buns).
  • Man and insects: evidence of cohabitation.
  • Know better learn to appreciate insects and advantages of this coexistence, for example, in the field, food. And insects’ pollination: behavioral strategies and evolution. Insects attack: biological control and the cultivation of fields, orchards and gardens
  • Insects craftsmen from honey and silk, of culture, legend and local crafts.
Didattica - Tenuta Giarretta