The Simetite

Discovering the amber of the Simeto and its properties

The Simetite

Simetite: The amber presents the properties of electrified by friction. In ancient greek it was called elektron. Amber is not a crystal but a resin emitted by conifers that time after time has stagnated.

At the beginning of time the Simeto valley was covered by thick woods whose trees were full of resin. Amber, in the past, aroused interest because inside may contain small invertebrates that remained stuck in a “endless royal tomb ” at the time of its formation. The rarest is the Simetite or amber of the Simeto, river of Sicily, that during the floods it brings out beautiful fragments.

In the past, as well as for aesthetic purposes only, amber of the Simeto, was transferred to the churches, as it produced a strong smell of incense when it was burnt, and dust resulting from its processing were used by luthiers to polish the finest instruments or by painters .

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